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Tina fey played tennis in high school

Tina Fey played tennis in high school, A lot of people were ‘sporty’ in school but as is often the case those who offshoot into comedy tend to be associated with the artsy or nergy crowd however more famous comedians may have been involved in sport than you may first think. SNL favorite, Tina Fey played tennis…

Tina Fey played tennis in high school

Tina Fey is an active looking woman so it’s not so far fetched that she donned a uniform and worked hard on the court. A gruelling game at any level she played tennis in high school at Upper Darby in Pennsylvania. She wasn’t only involved in the tennis team at Upper Derby either and as an active student she was also an honor student who was a member of the choir, drama club, and also co-editor of the school’s newspaper. She even did some independent study on comedy, so it’s been in her for some time!

So we couldn’t find any videos of her playing high school tennis by Tina and co-star Amy Poehler (who was a cheerleader in high school) did team up to play some tennis with some extra loud grunting in the video below.
Title: Tina fey played tennis in high school
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